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Baby Wearing!!

I was hoping to get some great real life reviews and recommendations from you gals as to what type of baby slings or wraps you swear by!!  I am looking to get something other than our Bjorn as I know with two kids it is going to much more challenging this time around to hold a newborn 24-7!!  THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS!!

**Sorry I have been MIA, but we have been swamped at the office with a huge drawing set and we just got it out and I fell like I can breath again!!

Mackenzie's Big Girl Room - Update

It looks like the final coats of paint will be done this weekend in Mackenzie's Big Girl Room!!  I am hoping move the furniture around next week and then get her use to the idea of the room next weekend!!   I think we will start the switch on the following weekend as we have plans for Valentines Day!!

Here is a quick recap of the room to date -

Wall Color: Pale Lime Green (Behr: Cabbage Green)

Bedding: Existing Duvet Cover (Large Scale Cartoon Floral Pattern - bright colors) **used the palette to select the wall color

This is a pattern from PBK that is gives you an idea of the bedding, but the one I have has a white background and is printed.

Dresser: IKEA (Exact same option as in her nursery with the additional split drawer at the top)

Flooring: Carpet Tile Rug on existing hardware floor (I am able to get these for free for our rep and they are a great option for kids room)

I ordered a sample to see the color of this pattern, but this one seems to be my favorite!!  The rug will end up being 9'-0" x 9'-0" square and should be the perfect size for her room.

I will post some pictures next week once the walls are done and the bed is set up on the floor!!  I can't believe the we have just around 2 months before we bring home a new baby -> where has all the time gone!!



I just wanted to post this for keepsake purposes!!  Last night Mackenzie calls her daddy by his real name "MATT" for the first time and it shocked the crap out of both of us.  We tried to get her to say my name and I will admit mine is a big harder for a kid as the "D" is a tricky one!!  I am hoping we can get this one video so time soon as they grow up way too fast!!


Stolen from Motownmamma

go to photobucket (or whever your pics are) and go to the third to last page. click on the third pic, and explain :)

September 2006: Me, SIL and MIL at St. Thomas the morning of her wedding!!  I was 14 weeks pregnant with Mackenzie at this point and it was a nice time to get away for some R&R!!

2nd Birthday Party - Mackenzie

I was hoping you gals might be able to offer up your opinions on some birthday party ideas I need to finalize!!  It looks like we are going to have her birthday party at the same location as last year as our house is just too small for family and friends.  Plus it looks like we will have a total of 6 kids under the age of 7 and I can't seem to find an indoor activity that will keep them busy in our house.  That leaves us with having a party at The Rec Center with pizza for lunch and the indoor pool to play at!!  The overall theme this year is "Ladybugs" and I have been collection things for the gift bags.  Thanks in advance for your help ladies as it means a lot to me!!

Invites and Wardrobe................Collapse )

Option C: [digital file with gift tags]

Wardrobe - [My goal is to find something she can wear to the party and to her two year photo session!!

Option 1:

Option 2: 


Family Craft Ideas!!

I just wanted to say this idea I saw on Red Envelope as I think it is adorable!!


I just wanted to remember that last night DH got to finally feel the baby kick!!

What an awesome sister!!

Look at what my sister just had delivered to my office for my birthday -

The best part is that the combo dipped pieces are chocolate covered bananas - "MY FAVORITE"!!


More Maternity Clothes!!

I needed to get an outfit for DH's holiday party this weekend and in a sense I went a bit crazy, but pregnancy can do that to a person.  Plus I had a fair amount to spend on gift cards and the rest is birthday money!!